Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started today a little earlier than usual and had oatmeal and peanut butter as we motored over to our first destination – Spanishtown. As we were getting ready to leave port at Savanna Bay, we ran into a little issue when our secondary anchor detached from its chain. Thankfully, we were able to rescue the anchor with the help of Kayleigh, our dive instructor. I was helmsmen for the first time as we traveled to The Baths. We spent our time there exploring the rocks and shallow pools. After everybody took a turn jumping off a tall rock into the water. Gabe, Will, Martin, Julian, Alex, Lucia, and I found an underwater tunnel that led into a pool inside of a hollow rock. After The Baths, we got back on the boat and headed over to Spanishtown. When we arrived, it was super hot, but thankfully there was an ice cream shop not very far away. After ice cream, Martin Will, Julian, Alex and I headed over to the grocery store to pick up snacks. Then we went over to the restaurant to grab lunch. After Spanishtown we started sail training and practiced tacking, letting out and pulling in the sails, and steering at the helm. We all took turns in positions around the boat. For dinner, we are going to have chili and rice.