Location: Marina Cay

Today was our first day of sailing. We woke up at 6:30 when it started raining. Most of us made our way from our hammocks down to the blue lagoon (the giant bed in the salon). Lucia and Sydney prepared a marvelous spread of cereal and fruit. We then waited at the dock to depart for our sail. We motored our way out and raised the sail. There were strong wind gusts coming from the northeast. The boat started to move once we got our jib up. We then made our way to an isolated cove where we set anchor. Sandwiches were then served. After we all jumped in for our swim test, which consisted of 6 laps around the boat and 10 minutes of treading water. Everyone passed with flying colors. We then made our way to Marina Cay where we are sleeping for the night. Lucia and Sydney made us sloppy joes that hit the spot. Today was a great first day on the water, and everyone loved being on the water, even when the boat started heeling over. Tomorrow is going to be great even though we are missing the final of the World Cup.