Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started right with breakfast burritos. After, I got a sailing lesson from Tim, and then the Dolphins and Neptunes split up for the day. The Dolphins spent the day dissecting starfish, then completing their first research dive, then breaking to enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches (we missed the deluxe grilled cheese with chicken and bacon that self-appointed chef, Jackson, made back on our boat). After lunch, the Dolphins attempted to go turtle tagging. Five of us at a time were towed with our snorkel, searching for the turtles. Mack and Marina were chosen to grab the turtle, flip it, and carefully get it into the boat. This would have gone well, except we didn’t see any turtles. The first thing we heard when we arrived back on Changes in Latitude was “turtles?! We saw four!” The Neptunes redid their deep dive today. Right now, we’re washing up from dinner, which was “Thanksgiving in summer” (Nathan wants it to be known that he and Hudson cooked it). Today was a long but great day!