Location: Marina Cay

This morning we all woke up and had a nice, leisurely breakfast before leaving Great Harbor Peter for Road Town. Once we docked at Road Town, we split up. Most of us went and got souvenirs and made grocery store runs of course. After returning to the boat, we sailed over to Ginger Steps. We hit some big waves along the way, so we all piled onto the trampoline to get splashed! Nathan also spent part of that time making yet another vlog. Then we all got geared up to dive Ginger Steps, which was so cool! A few people saw some reef sharks and huge spiny lobsters, but right after we all got back on the boat, a huge school of squid passed by the boat, so we all jumped back in for a couple of minutes. After that fun dive, we sailed over to Trellis Bay to help with a beach clean up. Trellis Bay was hit hard by hurricane Irma, and rebuilding has been slow, so seeing the town was pretty sad, but we all enjoyed helping out. After that, it was just a quick sail over to Marina Cay for showers, dinner, and lifeworks. Today was awesome, and I can’t wait for our adventures tomorrow!