Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The first day that we have had a taste of the beautiful BVI sun rays! After a quick breakfast, we set sail and made for Blue Chromis Reef. It took a total team effort to raise the sails and to tack back and forth to make it to our dive spot. At the reef, we got to see the rarely spotted rum along with some rainbow parrot fish and a black moray eel. The water was crystal clear. After our dive, we chowed down on chicken salad sammies and once again set sail towards our next destination. Unlike the first day, we have learned the basics of sailing the Odyssea and were very successful in harnessing the wind (we reached 9 knots)! My favorite moment of today was watching Matt attempting a backflip off our boat, very unsuccessfully. After dinner and another “getting to know ya” game another day in the BVI came to an end.