Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Home at last. For eleven months and one week of the year I am inextricably and utterly homesick, but at last, I have arrived home. I awoke this morning to the welcoming warmth of the sun on my face after a remarkably windy night spent in a hammock. After my morning routine, I began the unsurprisingly difficult task of rousing the shipmates of our home, Panasea. The crew having been awoken, we set out for the Blue Chromis Reef, a fairly shallow reef between Salt and Cooper Island. While diving we saw the ubiquitous Blue Chromis, a small vibrant bluefish, Sargeant Majors, Flamingo Tongue, and countless more creatures. After diving we proceeded to eat a lunch of chicken salad, which can be eaten only one way, drowned in mayo and wrapped in lettuce, bread is an unnecessary use of carbs. Finally, we set sail for Savanna Bay, where we preside now. It proved to be a particularly long sail since our lady Panasea, being a cat, does not like to sail upwind very well. Now a dinner of pasta alfredo having already been devoured, we wait to begin our dive chat. As I sit and look onward at the setting sun and entrancing islands, I cannot help but be reminded of Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabel Lee” as I sit with my love in a sounding by the sea, the dark, brooding sea.