Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a day to remember. After waking up to our Morning CD soundtrack, we finally got a chance to be in full control of the boat for a few hours as our awesome counselors had to attend a staff meeting. While they were away, we got to relax and eat delicious pancakes made by Clark and Alex (today’s chefs). When our counselors got back, we surprised them with pancakes and soon set sail to Mountain Point where we would go scuba diving at a shipwreck called the Kodiak Queen. Diving at the Kodiak Queen today was incredible! We saw so many different fish of various species while swimming through the wreck. Once we surfaced from our dive, we were able to reflect on all the cool things we saw in the water. After that, we motored to Muskmelon Bay where we would spend the night. The ride there was so much fun! We got to jam out to some music and also got to watch an exclusive concert performed by Sofia which was awesome and now we know every word to Don’t Stop Believin’. After anchoring in Muskmelon Bay, we ate some super yummy chili for dinner and got to talk about our love for Day 12. Now we are currently getting ready for the night dive. I am so excited because once we surface from this dive, we will be officially certified night divers! So far today has been the best day ever! I can’t wait for tomorrow!