Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up to the sound of fellow shipmates singing Happy Birthday to one of our shipmates, Darius, for his 14th birthday! Soon after, we were underway to our next dive site where we promptly ate breakfast (eggs and blueberry muffins). Into the dinghy, we went, and Pure Joy Neptunes split into two groups, one headed to Happy Our and the other to Luna Kahuna. Upon arrival, we unloaded our gear, were briefed by Justin and eagerly waited our turn to jump in. During our briefing, we discovered this would be an almost entirely hands-off fun dive. My dive buddy today was George, and we had an amazing time during flips underwater, playing frisbee with our fins, and having foot races underwater. After the dive, we relaxed on Luna Kahuna and were hailed back to Pure Joy for lunch. Following lunch, we were brought to the beach with the other boats where we played multiple beach games and swam around in the ocean. When we came back to Pure Joy, Clark helped me take awesome and funny blog pictures with everyone aboard. After the picture, Aline, George, and I helped clean the sleek black charcoal stains on the boat that were unloaded for a beach party I am currently unprepared for. Either way, we are headed into shore soon, and that sums up Day 13 aboard Pure Joy. I am excited to see what the beach party and the finishing days at ActionQuest will bring!