Location: Santa Cruz

The day started with an optional 5:45 am wake up to explore and see the sunrise on North Seymour Island. We chose to sleep in, but we heard that they saw many Friggit Birds, iguanas and sea lions. While some were on this walk, we woke up to pack for our departure from the Amigo back to Santa Cruz. After a morning full of travel from boat to bus to boat back to the bus, we arrived at Hotel Castro. We separated into our rooms and then soon left to the Darwin Center to begin our first day of community service! When we arrived there, we split up into two groups of five and one group of four and cleaned the algae out of the turtle ponds. We got on our knees with brushes and a hose and scrubbed away for a good two hours. By the time we stepped back to see our progress, the ponds were sparkling. This part of the day ended with everyone soaking wet and laughing. However, everyone RUSHED to shower. After everyone had rinsed and repeated we gathered to go out to dinner. The day was messy, and we loved it. By nine we were all ready for bed and looking forward to the next day.