Location: Santa Cruz

Happy Canada Day!

6:30 wake up today to build a garden for the local school. We started the day off with some pins and needles with the infinitesimally small splinters in the bamboo. But we got to work with our saws and went to work, and before we knew it, we were putting up the first wall. Our dirty clothes we wore the day before had become even dirtier after the work, but it didn’t matter. Our first day of community service had gone over well, and after a somewhat unwelcome walk home, we got to participate in our afternoon activity.

Elliot (Who moonlights as the Riddler and JRR Tolkien’s writing buddy) gave us a list of pictures to get in the form rhyming riddles. After some scrambling around town, we all met up at the last stop, where our group was able to snatch victory after a tiebreaker for a three-way tie. Afterward, we all had some well-deserved shopping time, and more importantly, time to get our laundry. Just as in my last blog post, Roman needed a new pair of shoes, and he showed his love for boobies when he got them.

All in all, it was a good day, honest work and a good game of pool tonight with Palmer, Kelly, and Javier. Now for sleep.