Location: M/Y Amigo

Today we woke up early to see kicker rock. Kicker rock had huge beautiful cliffs. Then we went to Isla Lobos (which means island of the sea lions). When we arrived, we were greeted by an angry bull sea lion who tried attacking our guide. On the island, we saw many many sea lions, but we were also sad to see a premature sea lion who had been born and died. But after a bit of walking, we were able to see a rare site of a baby Blue Footed Boobie who had just hatched. Later we went snorkeling and saw sea turtles and were able to swim with sea lions who would zoom so close to us that is it was almost scary then we were able to go into San Cristobal where instead of buying souvenirs we bought so much food/ junk food, just looking at it could nearly stop your heart. There was a small incident involving the loss of some items, but thankfully they were returned with nothing missing, giving a lucky ending to a lucky day.