Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up and had an oatmeal breakfast accompanied by a beautiful sunrise. Soon after we set sail for the Baths- a gorgeous place with cool rocks that we climbed and played on. In the beach, we even saw a stingray! After playing for two hours, we re-boarded the ship and set sail for the Spanishtown marina where we were able to go on land. Eating a nice meal in a restaurant was followed by shopping in the local shops and grocery store (we stocked up on snacks). We spent two hours there as well before sailing to Vixen Point. During the trip, we all took showers which made us all feel squeaky clean. For dinner, we had veggie burgers and a delicious, nutritious salad. Tonight we are rafted near our fellow AQ boats and will get in some bonding time! Can’t wait for the adventures that await us tomorrow.