Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Our eventful day began as we all yawned while raising the anchor at 6:45 am. We set sail for the Baths, aka the reason band-aids exist. The Baths are rocks forced up by the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates. We spent time diving off the rocks and exploring the water-filled caverns and underwater caves. It was the most exciting and beautiful place so far. After our fun in the sun, we got the chance to take our first Hibicleans shower, or as we call them, a hibi-jiby shower. While at port we got the chance to call our loved ones, eat out, go grocery shopping, and look at some nifty souvenir shops. When we finished our free time in Spanish Town we headed over to Mountain Point. After we hooked up to a mooring ball we went snorkeling to familiarize ourselves with the reef to prepare for our first night dive. At dinner the “squeeze” question was “what is your favorite quote and why?” After all put our two cents in, we got ready for the dive. As we jumped into the water we thought about the adventure we were about to experience. On our dive we saw many interesting creatures including a moray eel, a nurse shark, large sea urchins, an octopus, and amazing bioluminescent. It felt like we were in outer space! Today was a wonderful day full of adventure, fun and friendship.