Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

The crew started off their day by waking up to the amazing smell of fresh pancakes cooked by Emma and Max. After breakfast, the crew spent three hours sail training where Jessie reached Yachtmaster level with her helming skills (she got the boat down to .2 knots while helming during man overboard drills). Sophie and Dylan also stepped up during sail training. Both of them were always the first to offer help pulling any lines. Kara and I joined the mooring team and secured the boat in Trellis Bay. After a great lunch on shore, the crew set out for Muskmelon Bay. Once reaching Muskmelon Bay, Kaylee and Mia joined the anchor team and got us secure for the night. During shower time, Ben showed off his impressive diving skills. Ginger sacrificed herself to marine science – she got stung by a jellyfish! But no worries! The whole crew jumped to help her and she’s just fine. After dinner, the crew finished the day by jamming to their favorite song: Tropics! Everyone sang their hearts out and danced to the song. We can’t wait for another day in the BVI, especially with Tropics playing.