Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a major day for the Salsa crew. We started our day with a lovely display of bagels, cantaloupe, and oranges all put together by Mia. After demolishing our delicious meal, we were ready to take on our two dives of the day and become officially certified as PADI open water divers. Our first dive was hands-down one of the most incredible underwater experiences I have ever had due to the fact that Kara was observant enough to point out a 5-foot nurse shark at the bottom of the reef. Later on in the dive, I stuck around with McKenna and Emma while we played rock, paper, scissors underwater. For the next dive, it was up to me and Ben to come up with our own dive plan for the first time which I must say worked out quite well. After lunch, we moved onto the next part of our day which was waterskiing. Today was a big day for Ginger because she was finally able to get up on the kneeboard! Kaylee, on the other hand, achieved a very graceful 360 on the kneeboard. After waterskiing, Dylan and I were summoned by Smudge to scrape all of the barnacles and algae growing on the whole of the boat, which I must say was among the most strenuous jobs I’ve ever done, it’s so rewarding. Right now, I am sitting next to Jess as she replaces the design on the back of Sophie’s newly acquired T-shirt with a beautiful tree. I am so looking forward to our rotation day tomorrow!