Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Dear parents, today was freaking sick! We all woke up to the same morning playlist we do every day (includes Pokemon theme song). After a late night of fun and games, everyone took a while to wake up. After a breakfast of Cheerios, we all went to change for the day. Unfortunately, there was a problem. We’ve been wearing the same clothes for a few days due to a laundry delay. Even though we had a lack of clothes, the day was a blast. We learned to tie Turk’s Head knots and everyone made anklets. Next, we did Pico sailing and wakeboarding/waterskiing/kneeboarding. While we were having a morning of fun, Nate went turtle tagging and he apparently had a blast, which everyone was incredibly jealous of. But to our luck, we saw a sea turtle pop up beside our boat during lunch. Then we went diving and everyone got open water certified! Woohoo! We then learned about coral and we all got our coral reef conservation specialty! Eventful day, right! We finally huddled up for Thanksgiving dinner and relayed what we are thankful for. Adios, Alex. date: Aug 9, 2017