Location: Oranje Baai, Sint Eustatius

This morning, we awoke at the early hour of 6:45 AM, to the beautiful sight of the island of Saba. When we woke, there was work to be done, as we soon needed to leave for passage to the island of Sint Eustatius. By 8:30 AM, all prep work was done, and we were ready to set off on the passage. Our sister boat, Wind Shadow, had already left the mooring a bit of time before we did, so we had some catching up to do if we wanted to get to the island first. We pulled out of the mooring location, raised our sails, unfurled our jib, and dashed off on the upwind course towards the island of Sint Eustatius, or Statia for short. Slowly but surely, we made way towards the island, at an average upwind speed of around 6.5 knots. In a direct line, the course to Statia from Saba is about 16 miles, but due to the course we needed to make being directly against the wind, we had to engage in tacking back and forth, making the overall passage closer to 25 miles. We made great speed throughout, and with Wind Shadow right on our tails for most of the passage, it even turned into a bit of a race. This race continued until we arrived at Statia, around 3:00 PM, ahead of Wind Shadow. We dropped anchor and prepared to embark on our journey of the afternoon, a hike to the top of the Quill. The Quill is an inactive volcano which towers over Statia and takes up a large portion of the island. We headed in to shore, and at around 5:30 PM, we started our long hike up the mountain, first through roads, then on a narrow and steep trail on the mountain. An hour later, we reached the peak, catching a fantastic view of both the inside of the volcano and the rest of the island. However, darkness was soon approaching, and we had to be back to our boats for dinner in due time. So, we trekked back down the mountain, back to our boats, admiring the scenery along the way. We were all quite hungry after our long journey, and we had a large meal to fit our large appetites, which was Thanksgiving dinner. Chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, bean casserole, and gravy were all aplenty, and they all went around enough to send us to bed that night with full stomachs.