Location: Well's Bay, Saba Island

The first day after arriving in Saba, we woke up and had cereal and bagels for breakfast. After we took down the dinghy and put it in the water, we prepared for today’s busy day. The day splits with us being separated between six people ready for their first scuba dive of the trip, and four people who went and explored Saba. Once the four people left we had a couple of hours to pass before we left so we talked, got in the water, ate, and talked more. While we were waiting for the people exploring the island left in the dinghy and swam to the island where a taxi was waiting for their arrival. The taxi drove them to JoBean glass art which was a place with homemade jewelry made by a woman named JoBean. While there they were able to purchase jewelry and also get to make some of their own! After grabbing a bite to eat in a windward side, they hiked to the bottom where they saw a beautiful church and the old customs office on top of 480 steps they had to walk up. After the other group got onto the scuba boat and suited up, we jumped in four our first dive with Sea Saba we saw two nurse sharks and many other fish. We then got back on the boat and went to our next dive site. In the next dive, we saw a lot of sea turtles, two barracudas, and a reef shark. After the second dive, we all met up back on our boat, showered, and started to prepare dinner. For dinner, we ate risotto and Caesar salad. Before we head to bed tonight, we have a sail chat taught by Margaux and Smudge!