Location: Passage to Nevis

Mere moments after a breakfast of French toast made by Farah and Sophie, everyone except for Max, Sophie and I zipped off to go diving at a shipwreck. According to witness accounts from Mara, Meghan, Hannah, and the other divers, it was an underwater sight to lay amazed eyes upon. For those of us not certified to dive, the day consisted of exploring the land sights on Statia and lending a hand with passage prep jobs to get us ready to head to Nevis. We roamed around and grabbed a quick snack and wandered around an old fort. The divers returned, and it was passage time. The passage went as planned no significant events, besides the flying fish that jumped on deck and scared one of our staff, Margaux who is a marine biologist along with quite a few of the crew and also lots of pirate talk from Jack, Mo, Aiden, and Gabe. Dinner was made eventful as you see, the winds were pretty strong on this particular day, leading to a boat that was practically at a diagonal angle. This caused getting multiple bowls of hot ramen up to the deck a task that was not easy. Then came the task of mooring after we took in the beautiful sight of all the lights shining from Nevis. There was unfortunately not an attachment line we could hook onto, so Smudge ended up having to lasso one of the moors to keep us in place before Margaux jumped in the water to finish the rest. Once we were moored, we got the dingy back in the water then cleaned the boat. Post a deep clean, and showers happened then a funny sight of smudge teaching Max to shave. Excited for a fun day on Nevis tomorrow!