Location: Antigua

Today started very early, by midnight we were halfway through our passage and well on route to the beautiful island of Antigua. Though the passage took longer than expected, we had a blast on our watches, singing songs that we knew by heart or just chatting idly to pass the time. It was gorgeous, there was a crescent moon, and the sky was sprinkled with thousands of stars. Around 5 am, we even saw some dolphins leaping through the water! After we arrived, we enjoyed a scrumptious lunch of grilled cheese and engaged in some BA, otherwise known as Boat Appreciation. We then scrubbed the deck until Bella was as clean as the day we arrived. After our boat detox, we showered in the crystal-clear teal water, which felt incredible after a long night on the water. After showering, we docked up with Wind Shadow at Nelson’s Dockyard, which is an incredibly cool historical site. At present, we are ready to dig into Mexican Night (which consisted of burritos and churros) and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the harbor.