Location: English Harbor, Antigua

We woke up at 5:45, 15 minutes before we were to set off on the hike up to one of the many old English forts ringing Nelson’s harbor, Shirley Heights. The hike started on galleon beach, where one of the old galleon anchors still sits, held up in the sand, and took us along the pillars of Hercules, where the coast has been eroded away to resemble pillars. As we reached the top we were greeted by the Pillar of what used to be the Officers Quarters that had two horses outside of it; we continued to the old guardhouse and lookout point, which overlooked all of the bay. The view from the top was incredible! After we returned, we ate breakfast of yogurt, cinnamon rolls, and grapefruit! Then we set out once more for a tour of Nelsons Dock, where we learned of the conditions of working back in the day. Where ships would come in to be careened, tilted over, so people could clean the hulls, while the sails would be repaired. We learned that the harbor was a perfect refuge, from rival ships and storms. But the working conditions, combined with weather and other influences, led to a very high mortality rate. After our tour, we had another sail chat, and afterward allowed time on shore to shop and call home, and after we got ready for a Dinner out on the town. The dinner was fantastic! We went to a sushi place and got sushi and had slices of cake and sorbet for dessert. During dinner, the restaurant since it was a Wednesday does a trivia game. We had two teams for our boat, we didn’t do too great, but it was a lot of fun. As dinner concluded we returned to the ship for our second movie night where we watched Pirates of the Caribbean.