Location: Passage to Antigua

This morning we woke up early and got the day started with a sail chat. After, we all got our phones and got to walk around the town in Nevis to get food and groceries. Then we returned to the boat to get it ready for our long passage to Antigua. After spending time getting the boat lights fixed, we said goodbye to Nevis and started for Antigua. We all hung out above and played games like Mafia and singing games before dinner which was tortellini. After it began to get dark and we started our shifts so people could get some sleep before their shifts. The passage wasn’t too bad, it rained on and off, but overall it was fun. I was on a watch with Mo and Aidan. We had the 1am-4am shift which was hard but, unlike the first passage to Saba, none of us got sick, so we had a lot more fun talking and laughing. Overall, the passage went smoothly besides it being twice as long as we thought it would be. We were all happy to be on our way to Antigua.