Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning around 7 o’clock, the Squeakybrats woke up and we all were woken up to a song like mostly every day, so right when everyone woke we went to the stern to eat breakfast we had bagels and cream cheese and yogurt. After that we went to La Bella Vita so we could got do water sports. It was so much fun! After that, we came back to Squeakybrat and went sailing and I went to helm because I am skipper. So we sailed for 2 and a half hours when we were done with sailing we came back to Squeakybrat and we just hung out but when we were done just hanging out we went over the La Bella Vita and the made a rope swing and I did a back flip off the rope! So we just kept doing that for, like 2 hours, then we came back to Squeakybrat, had a great dinner and then we went to bed. This is what every day is like at ActionQuest. It is the best. It was a good day.