Location: Marina Cay

Day 11 started at 7 o’clock am. We woke up to the marvelous sky of the BVI. Next, we ate breakfast. For breakfast, we had cereal. Afterwards, we got ready for a fun day of sailing. We did sailing circles, man overboard drills and many other drills to help us get our sailing certifications. The man overboard drill was so much fun, and everyone passed! Next, we sailed to Marina Cay to fill up on gas and water. Since we filled up on water, we got our first fresh water shower! Because I was skipper, I got to take us off the dock, which was amazing experience and I didn’t crash! We sailed to the island across from us, which was Beef Island. On the island, I ate lunch with all my friends. It was so fun and the food was great. We walked around the island and went to the grocery store, which was fun. After we got onboard, we sailed to Marina Cay. We ate dinner, which was tortellini and garlic bread. The food was so good. We ended the night with a Lifeworks program. We listened to a really touching CD. It really changed my view on how I should express my love to my family. Today was a blast, and I cant wait for tomorrow!