Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was probably one of my favorites during this entire three weeks in the BVI. We sailed over to Salt Island early this morning from our anchorage in Peter Island to take our shot at diving vessel wreckage called the Rhone. The ship sank during a hurricane in the 1800s, and there’s a super cool story behind the people on Salt Island who went out in the storm to rescue them. The people just happened to save items directly associated with the monarchy in England, so as a reward the Queen herself gave the people Salt Island. The only tax they pay for it, even to this day, is a single bag of salt. It is rumored that this salt sits on the Queen’s dinner table even in the present. How cool is that?! After the dive, we returned to Great Harbor for some wakeboarding and waterskiing. I’m the only girl on my boat who can wakeboard, which is pretty awesome. Tomorrow is race day, and the other boats in this fleet better watch out, because Caribbean Soul is going to rack up some major gnar points. On that note, the Soul Crew is going to finish watching Transformers, and maybe go Argo-ing in our dinghy, Argo. Keep calm, sail on!!