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British Virgin Islands - 2011, Session 2

Home Sweet Home

Location: West End, Tortola

Where oh where to begin. After a very long day of traveling (36 hours for some of us), we all made it eventually… As we arrived on the dock, which felt like home to some of us, we learned of the surprise awaiting us. As the oldest on sail side, our home for the next three weeks would be residing on the 50 foot, brand new Bella Christine. Flushing heads, air conditioning, a microwave, and electric winches are just the beginning of her splendor. A few of us had arrived later than the others, yet we all made it. The ice breakers began as soon as we stepped onboard, hopefully, I have everyone's name down by now, I can't make any promises though. Our boat is comprised of 8 Vegas, 1 Carina, and 3 Divemasters, which is exciting. Our nationalities range from Dutch, American, Spanish, French, and even South African- a truly international boat. The evening was spent with rules of AQ, the boat, and life down here in general. Everything is starting to click on the first night on Bella Christine, and I'm positive this is going to be the most incredible three weeks ever.