Location: Great Harbor, Peter

So we had a nice little sail to Cooper Island this morning breaking the previous record this session by getting up to 8.8 knots! We did a calm dive on Blue Chromis and saw lots of fish. After a surface interval, we worked on our tummy tans as Alex says. We got back in the water to dive the Kissing Wrecks, but the joy was cut short as we had a scenario right afterward where Becca was an unresponsive diver, and after getting her stable onboard she panicked and jumped back in so we had to save her again. We then had a very calm downwind sail to Great Harbor, Peter Island and Sam put me and Chad in charge, so we sailed into the bay and anchored ourselves. We were nervous but no worries, everything went off without a hitch. Now just sitting and waiting paranoid for our next scenario. Your friend, your family, your skipper.