Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Breakfast in the bay was bagels, yogurt, and a melon. We started the day with sailing. Each of us got a turn at the helm to practice man overboard drills. Captain Smudge made all of us surprise snacks of rice cakes and PB&J. One of my favorite feelings is standing behind the helm of a 50-foot boat and an eight-person crew. Everyone has a role in making the boat sail. We all need to work together to achieve our goal. After sailing we had a navigation chat where we learned how to triangulate location based on three compass measurements. Then we had a yummy lunch of soup, and went for a quick snorkel behind the boat. Some of us free dove and we got a chance to look at moon jellyfish up close. Then we took our last opportunity to waterski and there were some impressive jumps and spins. Every time I take a moment to look around me, I am in awe. I feel extremely grateful to be in such a beautiful location and even more grateful to be with the group as amazing as my shipmates. Today I learned the staff referred to us as “the love boat” because we all have so much love for each other.