Location: West End, Tortola

This morning we had our second sailing race from the Bight to Road Town. We had already won the first race, so we were determined to win again! After being pelted with tomatoes and eggs from Spindrift, we finished in first place yet again! Today is our last full day, and I know that everyone is going to miss all the great times we had. From debating whether apple bottom jeans with the boots with the fur or baggy sweatpants with the reeboks with the straps are better, to exclaiming “frooty loopis!” On the way back to West End we scrubbed, wiped, and deckied the boat until it was spotless. Tonight we are looking forward to spending time with people from other boats and our crew. This trip I have had so much fun learning how to sail and dive, as well as meeting new people. My favorite part of the trip was diving the Rhone and seeing eels, vibrant coral, and many fish. I am wanting to come back next summer and am hoping that I will get the see all my shipmates again!