Location: West End, Tortola

Today is the last day of the trip. As we all woke up to a majestic sunrise, our hearts were confused. Are we happy to go home to see our family and friends (and flushable toilets)? Or maybe sad to leave our new family and friends. No one will know. As our day began, we had a lovely selection of cereal and oatmeal (thanks to Nick and Cara). After clean up was done, we got our dive gear ready as we sailed to the Indians. We all hopped into our gear once we got there and got sad because as quick as it started our last dive in the BVI was here. With luck, we had a 30-minute dive filled with lots of fun and beautiful sights to see. With a magical last dive we all were happy, but again our hearts were confused.

When the gear was put up, we had a meeting. It was now time to do an extreme clean. Everything had to be done. Everything! The girl’s cabin was chosen to house all the bags. So all of the things were packed and a head to toe cleaning began. When we were finally done all of everyone’s bag were put on the bed. We all cleaned the boat and then some until we got to West End, our final stop. We cleaned for a little while once we got there. When the boat was spotless, we got to go walk around (Ben is the best dive instructor in the whole wide world!). With this our last port and last time with our new family we made it last. When we came back, it was shower time and then the BBQ. We meet our friends from other boats to have an amazing time we will never forget for years to come. For the parents and friend who read this and never came to AQ I want to say.. the boat is a family like no other. You can never understand what has happened, the laughs, the tears we all shared, nothing can replace the feeling of this trip. We walk out new people with a new outlook on life. Our minds are open as well as our hearts. I hope to see you all again later in life. I love you all and you have a special place in my heart. Thank you for an amazing trip.