Location: West End, Tortola

I woke up today and realized I was skipper. We had an early start today waking up at 6:15. We quickly ate our glorious breakfast of cereal and oatmeal, and I ate it in a semi-comatose state since I got wet during the night rains. Anyhow, we made our way to our last dive site of the summer, called the Indians, don’t ask me why it’s called that. The dive itself was pretty awesome. We saw a very diverse range of fish from trumpet fish to trunkfish. One of them is long and thin and the other one is very globular. I hope you can guess which is which! when we surface,d we were met by a rain of food which was left over, including but not limited to peanuts of the dry roasted variety, maple syrup as well as one egg! After resubmerging (to clean all the debris off,), we made a quick getaway from confused onlookers. On the way to West End, we did our biggest boat appreciation yet, starting at 9:30 and it’s still going on now around me at 1:30! We’ve had to pack all our stuff up as well as what feels like cleaning every surface anywhere on the boat… at least twice with bleach then Pinesol inside and after the scrubby bubbles on deck. And all the while we were quite toasty from the sun. So after having a quick lunch, paid for by yours truly’s cabin, consisting of 4 large pizzas we are going back to shore. I’ll miss all of this: the weather, people, and great diving. Signing out for the last time, Ollie.