Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning for the first time in a while, we got to sleep in past 7. To add to this good mood that everyone was already in, the chefs made delicious pancakes. While we cleaned up for breakfast and waited for the staff to get back from their meeting, we blasted the music and had a great time. Once the staff got back, we began our 2 hour motor to Mountain Point. It was a rough and rocky ride, but it was worth it once we reached Mountain Point. At Mountain Point, we planned on officially diving the Kodiak Queen. We previously dove this site a few days ago for our first night dive, but no one could see much of the shipwreck, and it was nothing compared to this dive! At about 60 feet, we entered the wreck and swam through the entire thing. It was an incredible dive. We didn’t see much fish but just going through the wreck like an obstacle course and seeing all the graffiti and the rooms were fascinating and a lot of fun! After the dive, we ate lunch and swam around the boat with the barracudas. The chefs cooked another great meal of chili and rice once we got to Muskmelon Bay. We were joined by ActionQuest director Mike Meighan for dinner. After dinner, we did a lifeworks activity with Mike and then finished cleaning up. The final event of the day was our LAST night dive which would be different than the others because we would be leading it ourselves. Everyone navigated successfully and completed a safe dive. While I didn’t see a lot of aquatic life, some of my shipmates did. Megan and Jaqi saw a pufferfish, Kyle and Julien saw two giant lobsters, and Stella and Jenna saw a squid which inked on them! The night ended with Justin making us all brownies and taking a nice freshwater shower. While we may be done with night diving, we still have plenty of amazing dives scheduled for the next few days!