Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up this morning at 6:30 am in the stunning Muskmelon Bay. Enjoying the sunrise and slowly getting the eggs started we prepped for breakfast. We then cooked and ate on the move to our next location, just off of Sommer’s Beach. There, the Dolphins and Neptunes split up. The Dolphins went diving at Monkey Point while the Neptunes enjoyed a fun dive in the white sand. It was one of the most fun dives ever. Many of us jumped in without our fins and at the bottom, practiced flipping by kicking off of each other, and we made stacks by sitting on each other’s shoulders. Although there was hardly any marine life, a stingray and three goatfish followed us for the duration of the dive. Later, it was time for lunch, and we had vegetable soup. After we went to the beach to relax and play games with all of the dive side, we stayed ashore for a few hours until we went back to the boat to prepare for tonight’s BBQ. Once we’d arrived at the BBQ it began to rain, and we got soaked but eventually, it lightened up, and we were able to dry off. The BBQ was fun, and we got to relax and hang out with the whole AQ fleet. It was beautiful. As we were preparing to leave it began raining again. We rushed to find Justin to get back to Happy Our. Once aboard we got into warm clothes, set up the blue lagoon and gathered to watch Ratatouille. Hopefully, because it rained today, it won’t rain tonight!