Location: Genevieve D.

A beautiful BVI sunrise woke the Happy Our vessel at a lovely hour of 6:45 am. After a gourmet breakfast of various cereals and juice, we set off to Ginger Island, a secluded dive spot that opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. All of this occurred after a dolphin was spotted at breakfast and Stella jumped in fully clothed to rescue Biz’s bikini bottoms. After many bumpy hours on the trampoline, getting all of the shipmates soaking wet, we arrived at the dive site called Ginger Steps. Our hopes were high as we entered the water with a giant stride. There was an abundance of brightly colored fish that greeted us during our descent. The entire dive site was absolutely beautiful as we meandered along the coral wall. The climax of the dive (and our trip thus far, in my opinion) occurred when a Caribbean reef shark was spotted in the distance. Our very first shark sighting! With spirits high, we then headed to Trellis Bay for delicious, traditional Caribbean meals of jerk chicken and virgin pina coladas. Then we had a dinghy ride back to the boat that got us all drenched while we transported all of our junk food. A quick ocean shower and spaghetti dinner followed. Then we headed to a Lifeworks forum with the entire ActionQuest fleet. Overall, today was an exciting adventure, concluding a successful Tuesday in the beautiful BVIs.