Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a good day. Day 13th of our very memorable trip. Emotions are high, and flying through the air like live wire. Today is the day we realized it is almost over, 4 days to go, it has flown by like the seagulls that swing around the boat while we’re having dinner. Today started like any other day, we woke up to Elle’s (she’s one of our counselors) Disney song playlist, we then proceeded to set sail to West End, the place where we would eventually dock and go to port for a second breakfast. Each time we go to port, we realize the powerful effects that Hurricane Irma had on these beautiful little ports. Everything in ruins except a small and very charming breakfast place, where we had probably our best meal since we boarded this great boat. Afterwards, we set sail to Ginger Island for Pebble Beach, a dive spot where the Neptune’s would have their third “fun” dive (non-training, because they’re all fun) and the Dolphin’s would have their first “successful” research dive. After a series of riveting dives, we set sail to GHP (Great Harbor Peter) where we would spend the night. On the sail here, we jammed to some classic songs, nostalgic even, and we docked next to the beautiful little bay of Prater Island. Before dinner 4 of us went to do some water sports with the dingy, manned by Alex. As I sit here watching the seagulls catch the flying fish, in the sunset background, all I can do is think about how grateful and happy I am to be here. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that.