Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up early before 7 am as we were sailing from Brewers Bay to Sandy Spit. We ate breakfast (including Ethan’s absolutely phenomenal bacon) and once we were at our location for the day, the Dolphins began setting up their dive gear. We then rode in the dinghy over to the dive location and did a backroll descent into the water to begin our dive. The first dive of the day was at the Playgrounds which was a reef with lots of fish and coral. It was led by one of our Dolphin instructors, Alex, and we dove down to 40 feet while looking at all of the marine life and taking pictures with the underwater cameras. After the dive, we relaxed on the boat and worked on our dolphin books until it was time for lunch, which we all (Dolphins and Neptunes) ate together. Following lunch, all the Dolphins did a second dive at the same location and by doing a backroll off the dinghy, but this time it was our second research dive. Each of the groups has a question they are are focusing their three research dives on, which they will then turn into a project for presentation. My group and I used a transect line and underwater camera to observe the differences in algae on mooring lines versus on reefs, so that was the focus of our second dive today. Once we ascended and got back to the boat, we quickly changed to get ready to go to another boat to watch a dogfish (a type of shark) dissection. Parker (one of the other Dolphin instructors) led the dissection with two other counselors, and we were able to see and learn about the outsides and insides of the dogfish, as well as lots of cool facts about sharks in general. There was a quick turnaround before dinner, as we had to get dressed up to go to the beach (Sandy Spit) for a beach barbecue during sunset. Back on the boat at night, we were all able to finally relax and talk before getting ready for bed. Overall it was an amazing day filled with the best activities.