Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a busy day full of work! When we woke up this morning, all of the dolphins began working on our research papers that were due. While working on them we started sailing to Blue Chromis Reef on Cooper Island. When we got the Neptune’s kitted up for their first dive of the day. The dolphins were supposed to dive, but we needed to finish our papers. The first dive for the Neptune’s was a training wreck dive. When they were done with their dive, we ate lunch and worked on our papers more. A little later we all went on a dive. We saw a really big tarpon and some cool trumpet fish. After the dive, we started sailing to GHP. By the time we got there, all of the dolphins had finally finished their research papers! It started pouring rain for a little so we had a dance party on the hard top. Then we got to work on the presentations that we had later that night. The Dolphins went over to the boat Slow Motion to present while the Neptune’s took their Advanced Open Water test. The presentations went really well for all of us, and all of the Neptune’s passed their test! After our presentations, we got to eat brownies, and then went back to our boat. We all squished onto the blue lagoon to watch a documentary called Blue Planet 2. After the movie, some of us went up onto the hard top to watch the meteor shower. We usually lay up on the hard top every night to watch the stars, because you can see all of them and it is so beautiful. Overall it was a great day, and we can’t wait for another great one tomorrow.