Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

On day 4 we left the place where we had stayed for the night. We left at 6:15 am and headed to the Baths. We arrived at the baths at 7:45 am. We separated into different groups. One group went to go and jump off the rocks and another group went to explore the other rocks and views. We all scrambled to try and get into the dingy due to the late arrival. We all go back to the boat at 10:00 am. We then headed to Spanish Town to dock. We all went to have lunch at a restaurant. We then separated into other groups to try and the supermarket. We got lots of candy and water. We then headed back to the boat for 1:45 pm. We then headed to the next dive site, where we would do our first night dive. We all headed to Changes in Latitude to do a night dive quiz. We then went to snorkel the area we would later dive. We all prepped our dive gear for the night. Then we all had dinner and then went straight out for our night dive, where lots of different animals were spotted!