Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today our counselors woke up early for the early morning sail at 5:30 and left all of us sleeping after we got our life jackets. That was super sweet of them. All of us were fully woken up around 6:45. The waves were pretty choppy to me and it was very windy. I got pretty seasick along with my friend Crissie. Crissie and I sat on the sides of the boats and stared at the horizon for what seemed like forever. After a while, I somehow fell asleep in the weirdest position, then woke up a little while later and felt so much better. Such a good feeling! We all had oatmeal for breakfast today. Anyway, later that day Neptune’s and Dolphins split up and joined other Neptunes and Dolphins from other boats. I am in Neptune. We had two dives today. I was only able to complete one dive sadly. The first dive was around 30 minutes. Neptunes from our boat dove with our counselor Elle and Neptunes from the other group were with Adi. The current was pretty strong once we got in the water, but it was fine because the water is so warm. We saw some cool sea creatures and dove down to around 25 feet. After swimming around, we got back on the boat and made ourselves deli sandwiches. After lunch, we jumped off the boat and chilled with our new friends from the other boat. It was really fun to have two groups of Neptunes to collide. The second dive was a navigation dive. Brushing up on our old skills with a compass. Sadly while my group and I were descending I got a headache so I had to come up again. I got an “Okay” from Elle who took me to the surface and so I could get back on the boat. After leaving and returning back to our boat, Abby and Heather made dinner. Mike the camp director joined us for dinner of Sloppy Joe’s. We played this game with black and white postcards and related our lives to the images on the cards. It brought a lot of emotion on to the boat. I really felt like I got to see other personalities in my group members. I am looking forward to diving more and get to know my boat members more.