Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we did both our underwater naturalist certification dives today. Apparently, we saw a four-foot lobster. Mike saw a nurse shark! Speaking of Mike, he is currently involved in a debate about whether the correct words are “rock, paper, scissors, says shoot” or “rock, paper, scissors, shoot”. As a result of the debate he will be doing a flip off the boat (potentially onto a barracuda!) while the rest of the boat sings enthusiastically to “hey Moana”. Anyway, today we also saw a lionfish, a grey angelfish, and a cloud of moon jellies. Most noticeably we swam through an overhang with all colors of coral on the walls. Chrissy got stuck in the smallest part which produced large bubbles from laughter rather than panic. We dove for the first half of the day, then sailed to meet the other boats for lectures. The Neptunes were all on one boat. In funnier small moments, we have learned the “silly salmon” dive today. It is a normal dive, except you cannot use your hands and instead, you must land on the front of your head. This produces the motion like a flopping salmon – hence the name! However, the universally recognized highlight of today was the Dolphin’s exit from Slow Motion (the boat where we did the lecture). As Ethan put it, he learned a new life lesson today. Namely that the dingy motor should really be on before you push away from the boat. As to not to drift to Tortola, Alex had the entire dingy paddle with their hands all the way back to The Entertainer. They reached it to a large applause but mostly laughter.