Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we did two dives. The first one was one of my new favorite dives. We dove through these caverns; we saw a huge grouper and an eel, which was so cool! Then our second dive was just an optional fun dive so Richard, Aaron and I drove out in the dinghy and Navy Seal rolled out. Unfortunately, the reef we thought we were gonna dive was terrible, so we swam back to the boat and danced around the anchor for 15 minutes. Dancing in 20 feet of water is very difficult and anything but graceful! Later in the day, we snorkeled around, and I saw three stingrays which was awesome. Then it started to rain which made everything so much better. If you swam beneath the surface and looked up, it looks as if diamonds were falling from the sky. Just another thing I can cross off my bucket list. We swam, laughed, and danced in the rain. Besides the activities, if you stop to look around at the amazing place, the white sandy beaches, the turquoise, and Caribbean blue waters, the mountain islands in the distance…it’s just magical!