Location: Summer's Beach, Tortola

Today was a very eventful day for everyone. The day began early, and after a delicious breakfast, most of the shipmates chose to go waterskiing. Everyone had a great time trying new tricks or even just trying to stay up. After a few rounds of skiing, Rescue divers went to Boss Lady to complete their navigation dive number three. Dolphins went and did their first research dive for the projects they are working on. Neptunes had the chance for more skiing and were able to relax on the boat. After lunch, Rescue did their rescue practice number five, which included learning how to pull unconscious divers from the water. Dolphins went turtle tagging, and though it took a while, they finally were able to catch a turtle and study it. Neptunes had an intro to rescue lecture, to see if rescue may be something they would like to do next year. After all, this was completed, everyone went to the beach for some fun and games. Dinner tonight will take place on the beach for a large ActionQuest barbeque. After the excitement of the beach barbeque, the Dolphins and Neptunes will get a night to relax and work on the many certifications they are working for, and Rescues will get to practice providing DAN oxygen. And then Rescue will travel back to our lovely boat, Mambo No. Five, for a relaxing night after a busy, exciting day.