Location: Gustavia, St Barthelemy

We started out the day early with eggs for breakfast made by our chefs Hannah and Max and then headed to the beach for a fun beach day. We rented surfboards, and all took turns trying to catch some waves. While a lot of us didn’t succeed in getting up, Jack, Sophie, Smudge, and Margaux were all able to get up! We had packed delicious lunches of French baguettes, ham, and prosciutto prepared for us by Mara and Farah. We later took a break from surfing and walked to a nearby mini market and got refreshing drinks and ice cream. Back on the beach, many of us gave surfing the second try, and the rest of us relaxed on the beach. Aiden, Mo, Blake, and Gabe played lots of soccer and football. Once we all got back to the boat, we took nice fresh water showers and are now headed to dinner at Le Select. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s sailing and am already so excited to get back to the BVI’s.