Location: Anse Du Colombier

We started off the morning by waking up at 7:30 to pancakes for breakfast made by our amazing chefs Blake and Aiden followed by a sail chat taught by Margaux and Smudge to prepare us for the VHF test taking place later that night. During the sail chat, we went over how to use a VHF, the phonetic alphabet and how to make a distress call through VHF. After we finished the sail chat, we had shore time for a couple of hours before lunch. Gabe, Max, Sophie, Hannah and I went to check out what looked to be an old French fort but turned out that it was a police department. Even though it wasn’t what we thought it was going to be it was still an excellent time to walk and talk with each other. While we were there Farah, Meghan, Jack, Aiden, and Blake stayed to walk around St. Barths one last time. Once we all regrouped for lunch, we had quesadillas for lunch before we set sail to practice man overboard drills and sailing circles. We ended in Anse Du Colombier, where we had time to swim and shower while the chefs and Mara prepared Mexican night for dinner. We then sat around the cockpit and ate as we watched one of the most amazing sunsets before we had to clean and study for our test.