Location: St. Barths

We ended up in beautiful St. Barths at 4 am, after an 11 hour night passage from Antigua. We were all exhausted after the passage, so we slept in late and then had breakfast which led me to jump in after a yogurt container to save it from being in the ocean. Later we got time to swim and showers in the water it felt nice especially after a long passage. Later that afternoon we had lots of shore time to explore. Meghan, Sophie, Hannah and I spent time shopping at Quicksilver and other cute stores. My French came in handy! We had a very fancy dinner made of Thai peanut chicken that the chefs, Mo and Sophie, worked so hard. Dinner ended with my squeeze question of who your biggest mentor is. This question was very hard for others as well as myself, but we learned about our great teachers, friends, coaches, etc. and all of us learned more about our personal lives. The rest of the night will consist of a sail chat, preparing for our final exams, and an early night in so we rest up for surfing tomorrow!