Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day with a sunrise on Sandy Spit. Our whole boat agreed on waking up at 5.30am to enjoy the beautiful island. We then sailed to West End for breakfast and a boat filling. After a quick stop, we sailed to GHP. We began our “fun dive” which consisted of both counselors needing to be saved every 30 seconds. We then spent a few minutes watching an octopus, which was really cool! After lunch, everyone sat on the bow to admire the perfect water. Minutes later we see a spotted eagle ray jump fully out of the water directly in front of the boat. Everyone was going crazy! We grabbed snorkels and jumped in the water. After many laughs and a chilled afternoon, we took showers and enjoyed some salty beef for dinner as Kyle accidentally dropped all the salt in the pan! Today was the perfect mix of everything and we’re all getting sad about leaving in a few days.