Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started off the day bright and early, with a beautiful sail and some yummy breakfast. We made our way to Cooper Island to a beautiful dive site called Wreck Alley. After descending, we knew we were in for an amazing dive. We made our way to three big shipwrecks. We entered two of them! We encountered a huge ray and a peaceful turtle eating some seagrass. Tara swam alongside the turtle and they are now best friends. This was definitely my favorite dive! After a yummy lunch of chicken Caesar wraps, we were all studying for our exam when we heard a call for help. Another scenario! There was a panicked diver underwater and an unconscious diver at the bottom. Everyone jumped into action. Within three minutes there was the first team of snorkelers and divers in the water. I was a diver assisting the panicked diver at the bottom. With Julian as my dive buddy, we found the diver, ascended and made it back to the boat. After 12 shorts minutes of dealing with CPR, emergency oxygen, shock, and many more, the scenario was over. We sailed to GHP where we took our exam. everyone passed with flying colors!