Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a long night at the beach BBQ with much needed burgers and dogs, we woke up ready for race day. We set sail at 830am in an all out race between the sail side boats. Despite our best efforts and incredible skippering, we failed to reach the finish line first (but finished second). After a fun race we all docked at West End for lunch and a little souvenir shopping. It’s amazing how delicious tostitos and a coke are after being at sea entirely without most processed foods (except a few cans of Pringles and a bag of Goldfish). After port we set sail for Peter Island, a few miles south of Tortola. The weather is continuously beautiful, the wind is as consistent as ol’ faithful, and the BVI are absolutely incredible. In the beginning of the trip I was doubtful I’d make it and was incredibly homesick, but I have learned a lot about myself throughout the journey, made new friends, and became a whole-er person. I will miss all my new friends and staff here. Although I was pessimistic at first, I am so happy I decided to join ActionQuest and take this life changing journey.