Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day started with double pancakes topped with maple syrup and nutella, a major change from back to back cereal breakfasts. Today was race day and I was skipper. After learning about our destination, my crew closed the hatches, zipped their PFDs, long lined the dinghies, and we were on our way! With close encounters from Knot Guilty and Spindrift made me jerk the wheel, which in turn makes the boat turn way more than originally intended. This, along with other things on the boat, are acquired with practice and Ted by my side. Coming in dead last wasn’t much of a surprise, considering Caribbean Soul weighs about 13 tons. As soon as we reached West End port everyone quickly scattered to the nearest restaurant or ice cream parlor. After about an hour and forty five, everyone piled on the Soul, our second home. Ten days ago, at the start of the trip, we stopped at Little Harbor on Peter Island, which turned into everyone’s favorite spot. We decided to revisit for the last time for a quick swim and a couple rounds of chicken. Swimming in the clearest, most calm water ever seen, seeing a pack of eagle rays (while Matt is jumping for joy) and spotting some iguanas, we unfortunately had to leave and head to our final destination around the corner. The view at dinner (Mexican night- yum!) was a beautiful, orange sunset. Seeing everything today and noticing how over-looked most things are and realizing that just the little things in life are truly wonderful, you see how beautiful life is and you should take a deep breath and smell the roses.