Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up to the amazing view of Sandy Spit until we made our way to West End. After a few hours on land, stocked with snacks for the next few days we set sail to GHP (Great Harbor, Peter Island). Our imaginative thinking got us through our fourth and final search and recovery dive. As we emerged from the water our staff member told us to keep our tanks set up if we had enough air for our night dive. We of course took those words as a hint towards a rescue scenario. We spent the next few hours thinking “any minute now, its going to happen,” and searching the water for divers. Nothing. During our meal shipmates attempted to take a peak off the bow, still no luck. Half way through dinner, a voice comes from over the radio announcing Ocean Star entering the bay. The ship honked their horn, letting us know they were here. After dinner we look forward to our first night dive of the session, but some are still searching the surface of the big blue for the cries of panicked divers.